WiFi Placement

When placing your router in your home, follow these tips for optimal range

  • Central location: Your router should be centrally located in your home in the area where you most often use your devices (mobile phone, tablet, computer).
  • Few barriers: The best connection will be when your router is in the same room, or about 1-2 rooms away. The thinner the wall, the further the signal can go. For older houses that may have more dense wall materials like plaster, you may want to try placing your routers closer to the door (wood is less dense).
  • Open space: The router communicates best when it is not closed in. Avoid cabinets, media consoles, and closets.
  • Flat surface: Place your router on a hard, flat surface like a table, countertop, shelf, or nightstand. Surfaces that are up at least halfway up the room are better than the floor if possible – signal emits mainly along the same plane it is placed in.
  • Upright position: Place your router on its base – do not lay it down on its side. Check and see if your router may have tipped over accidentally if you are suddenly having issues.
  • Away from interference: Check for interference from other devices, such as cordless phones or baby monitors, and try to move your other devices to different frequencies if possible.