Starlink Mesh

Starlink Mesh WiFi Routers wirelessly extend your WiFi network throughout your home to provide a more reliable connection and faster speeds to areas where extra coverage may be needed.

To provide reliable WiFi coverage to every corner of your home, the connection between each Starlink Mesh WiFi Router, or mesh node, needs to be strong. Make sure your primary Starlink router (from your Starlink Kit) and mesh nodes are evenly spread out, but no more than one to two rooms apart from each other. For example, if a room in your house that is 3+ rooms away has a weak connection and you place it in that room, the mesh node will not be able to connect well to the primary router.

You can use to Starlink app to place the routers in the correct locations.

See the Mesh Set Up Guide (PDF) for detailed instructions on how to set up your Starlink Mesh in minutes.